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Ratoon Manager

Ratoon Manager
Ratoon Manager
Product Code : 06
Product Description

Ratoon Manager

Why Ratoon Cane Management is important?
  • Ratoon cane contributes about 30% of total sugarcane production in India.
  • Generally 1 or 2 ratoons are economical and in exceptional cases it goes up to 12
  • Saves time, establishes & matures early (9 months)
  • More economical as land preparation & planting operations are not needed (Saves up to 30% cost)
  • Ratooning also saves 1/2 irrigations
  • Timely stubble shaving is the main Raton Cane Management operation
  • Proper ratoon management will increase yield by 7-9 ton/acre
Why to do stubble shaving?
  • Because of apical domainance, top most bud on the stubbles sprout first to gibe ratoon crop
  • Roots that emerge from the top most sprouted bud may fail to reach the ground level
  • Hence the sprouted bud dries up due course of time for want of support, nutrients and water from the soil
  • Sugarcane should be harvested close to the ground level
  • Manual harvesting level uneven height of stubbles.
  • For Proper germination of ratoon crop stubbles needs to shave at ground level
  • Maturity of ratoon crop will at same time
Surgarcane Ratoon Manager
  • Tractor Drawn, Mounted implement
  • Combination of Stubble Shaving
  • Off-baring and Inter cultivation
  • Shaves the stubbles evenly
  • Off-baring helps to trim the roots
  • Perform inter-cultivation operation
Technical Specifications

  • Length: 1580 mm
  • Width: 1800 mm
  • Height: 450 mm
  • Mast Height: 610 mm
Suitable for tractor Hp-minimum-35 Hp

  • Main frame
  • Gear Box
  • Discs: 2 Nos
  • Shaving blades: One plate with 8 reversible blades
  • Spring Tines: 6 Nos.
  • Adjustable height of cut or depth control
  • Adjustable disc spacing

Actions: Stubble Shaving with Impact of rotary blades

Technical Specification


Approx. Details


1780 mm


1270 mm


1000 mm


300 kg

Tractor HP

35 HP and Above

PTO RPM of Tractor

540 rpm

Field Coverage Capacity

0.3 to 4.0 acre/ hour

Fuel Consumption

8 to 10 liter/ acre